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Is there a way to display an address in the calendar view for a Lead contact? For both the mobile app and desktop? Our sales people are used to being able to see an address at a glance with our current method of scheduling (apple calendar) - I see that I can navigate to the address via clicking on the contact within the calendared activity but it's an added layer.


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    Hello @Azoton,

    We have the possibility to use our Workflow Automations to automatically add the address or other information about the Activity Contact Person to the note of the Activity, and this will be visible in both the desktop and mobile app.

    The automation setup would have a structure as below:

    1. Trigger: Activity Created
    2. Condition: Activity Contact Person is not empty
    3. Action 1: Make a pseudo update to the Activity Linked Person so the information from the contact is accessible in the automation (The pseudo update can be anything from a label change to updating a custom field; in my example, I have created a custom field called For Automation just for this purpose)
    4. Action 2: Update the Activity notes to include the address of the Contact Person.

    I can also share a screenshot of the setup:

    And the Update Activity would look like this:

    I hope this helps!