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Hey team, I'll start out by saying that I am no expert in what I am doing here, but that I wanted to simply share this for your interest only.

About a year ago, I was building a new production management system for our manufacturing company - my goal at the time was simply to allow our production team to do away with the hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck to the whiteboard with magnets, and covered in scribbles.  At the time I selected as our platform of choice to display the data. It's not perfect, but it's got rid of the whiteboard, so I still class it as a success.

We went to The Warehouse and purchased a cheap 50" 4K TV and a stand and installed that in our production area with an old smashed-screen laptop powering the TV. We also installed a touch screen frame to the TV so that our production guys could come over with their big gloves on etc etc and update the status of each task.

Cheapo 50" 4K TV on special from The Warehouse for $299, $100 stand from some china importer, a touch screen IR frame, and an older smashed-screen laptop. = Cheap DIY Digital Whiteboard

Once Monday was set up to hold all of the information required for production, the final missing step was feeding each Won deal through from Pipedrive, into Monday. I had been playing around with in the months prior. Automating the capture of forms, moving data around in other systems etc and so started to build an automation to feed production jobs through from Pipedrive.

In the end, I created a custom webhook which updates each time a deal updates. If the deal is marked as WON, it then pushes through the rest of the automation, adding the new task to Monday and filling in a bunch of details, including product type (from Pipedrive Products), along with all the additional details about the sale that are already captured in Pipedrive. 

Integromat - Pipedrive to Monday integration

Every time the WON button is pushed, I get excited, know that the automation is kicking off in the background and all the data is automagically appearing in Monday immediately. This automation alone has saved hundreds of hours since we implemented it and has improved our production KPI's simply due to the efficiency of the data

I guess all that this post is about is just how powerful tech can be, and if there is some inefficiency in your business right now (whether related to Pipedrive or not) then perhaps there is a way to fix it with technology!

Keen to hear about other peoples integration stories etc! 



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    Amazing work @Andrew Humphries !

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    Thank you so much for sharing this @Andrew Humphries , this is exactly what we want this Community to be about! 😃 🚀

    And congratulations on the workflow and setup you put together, it's quite impressive! Happy to hear you could quickly see the improvements it brought.

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    Very very cool. Lots of ideas to consider. Thank you for this inspiring post. 

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    @Andrew Humphries  you may have just given me the answer I've been looking for for months! Thank you!!!!

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    @Andrew Humphries  you may have just given me the answer I've been looking for for months! Thank you!!!!

    Oh that's great @Nicki Spence ! Let me know if I can help with any further information!

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    Great work Andrew. Thanks for the insight.
    Being a production company, jobman is a good alternative as well.
    But you got your workflow sorted, that's all it matters.

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    That's awesome!

    Did integromat solve the whole webhook topic for you without coding skills?


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