Re-occurring Google Calendar sync issue with Pipedrive

Ebony Preece
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I'm needing the ability to create re-occurring tasks that sync from Google Calendar to Pipedrive as Pipedrive doesn't have this ability as yet.

I have found although we have two-way sync activated for staff, only the initial activity appears in the task list and calendar, the reoccurrence then only appears in the Pipedrive calendar, not in the task list (which is what we want). Why?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Ebony Preece,

    The Task List (or the Activity List view) would only show activities based on their Due Date by default, and these can be adjusted using the Quick filters in the Activity List View:

    If you wish to see all recurring activities regardless of the due date, you can set a custom filter based on the Activity Subject and Due Date parameters. I can share an example below:

    This filter will show all activities that have the subject Payroll prep regardless of the due date. I hope this helps.