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Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me! I need to figure out how to automate some processes but at the moment it's all so complicated! My leads come from ClickFunnel (Outbound) and Calendly (Inbound) I've already created the two stages in the pipeline and downloaded Calendly and Zapier integration! but I need leads coming from calendly to go directly to the INBOUND tab while those from clickfunnel go to the OUTBOUND tab! Is this possible?


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    Hello there 👋

    This really depends on how everything is set up and how you are using the integrations. How is Zapier being used in this scenario? Within the integration setup with Calendly and ClickFunnel, is there any option that when those leads/deals are created can they go to a particular stage? If the option is there, then it start with setting that up within the integrations.

    Since I'm not sure how everything is set up on your side, I'll add here some general feedback for different scenarios in the hopes it can help you or anyone who comes across this post.

    1 - Integrations
    As my initial comment, the first approach is to understand if there's an option within the linked integrations to specify where a deal is going (if we are talking about stages, then it's deals, but I'll add here a comment for if they come in as Leads)
    To be sure if this is possible, you'll need to see with the company that created that integration (in case you don't find any way of doing it). To know who developed the integration, you can check out our marketplace (if the integration is not there, you can check directly with the product owner)

    2- Pipedrive Workflow Automation - this might not be needed if you are already using Zapier
    Let's say the information comes in as Leads and not deals and you want to convert them to deals. An idea that could work would be to differentiate from where those leads are coming in (if from different integrations). I personally like the prefix idea - where you can add a prefix to the title of the lead so that you can always find where X leads come from. Example: If from Calendly, the lead title starts with (CA)

    From there, you can then set up an automation that would convert a Lead to a Deal if the lead title contains CA, and within that automation, make sure that the deal is assigned to Y stage. Here's a visual representation of this idea.

    If we are talking about deals, the idea is the same! Is there a way to add a prefix within the integration? If so, then we can take this same approach - when a deal title contains (CA), update the deal stage to Y.

    Different approaches can be taken and it really depends on all the tools that are being used, but hopefully, this can offer some general guidance. In case you can't find a way to make it work, our Support team can always help!