What permissions do users need on the SharePoint side to access the Pipedrive ([Company]) folder?

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We are creating permission groups in SharePoint for all the users that need access to the Pipedrive folder for Smart Docs. We want to keep the Pipedrive folder in our companies Internal SharePoint site, but we cannot determine what permissions the users need to see the files on the Pipedrive side. We created a read only group and a read/write group to the folder, but they could not see or access the files from inside Pipedrive. We find it strange that a user would need Site Access just for reading and writing to one folder. Could someone please advise? We do not want to give Site Access to all users in our Internal Company SharePoint site.


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    Hi @boneal 👋

    To be honest with you, I'm not sure if this would be a Pipedrive issue or a SharePoint related question 🤔 Can they access it outside of Pipedrive? We don't have access to Sharepoint so I can't test this on my side to see if maybe there's a permission on their side that is needed, but from the description, I really can't be sure if this is with Pipedrive or not.

    I'd say that if the affected users can access it outside of Pipedrive and are not able to link their SharePoint account to their Pipedrive account, this should be checked by the Support team for sure! If you haven't reached out to them, please do!