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Is there a way to have two separate fields "First Name" and "Last Name" when adding a contact?

As far as I can see, a single field "Name" pops up and later on Pipedrive splits it into first and last name. I would like to enter single and last name separately.

This would help in some cases, especially when I only get a first name or a last name for a contact, but still want to save it in the CRM.

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    Hi @Agnieszka 👋

    Indeed it's not possible to separate the names when adding a contact - the fields are there, but the system does the separation automatically. I would say that this is great feedback, so please make sure to share in the ideas and feedback section - there might already be feedback about this, if so, please upvote it!

    I will leave here a suggestion, maybe it can help! Since the fields are there, you can manually change the "first name" and "last name" fields. If it's a couple of contacts or so that need changing, the manual approach can help. If not, then there's always the option to export and import - you could export all contacts (make sure to add the ID so you don't create any duplicates when reimporting) and then separate the names in your excel spreadsheet. From there, you can import and map the First and Last name to the default "first name" + "last name" fields. This can help with doing everything in one import and hopefully for the future people that are added, manually changing them might be the best approach. I hope this helps!