Frequency limits error disappeared but automation incomplete

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My automation was stopped due to frequency limits - and I saw the error. I understand that we triggered the campaign via a 'bulk edit' which caused the error. However now it has been a few weeks and I cannot see any 'stopped' executions in my automations history or any indication that we had hit frequency limits.

The frequency limits help article says that 'These limits are time-based, meaning they’re automatically lifted after a pre-defined amount of time between activations has elapsed.' however I cannot see that the automation has kicked off again.

I'm assuming I would have to re-trigger the automation for those contacts that it was stopped for by creating a filter for those that have not been sent the first automated campaign (the first step of the automation) and also make sure that it sends in batches so as not to set off the frequency limits again. I would appreciate any clarity on best ways to do that.


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    Hi @Holly_MElec,

    You are correct, you will need to re-trigger the automation for those failed/stopped executions! Once an execution fails/stops, it won't begin again without any action.

    We don't recommend triggering these automations via a bulk edit again due to the risk of triggering another frequency limit, it is best to trigger the automation one by one to ensure it executes successfully!