SmartDocs Knowledge Base article is wrong... please correct.

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Dear Pipedrive-Team,

I am wondering what the logic behind your Knowledge-Base article regarding addresses in smartdocs is:

In the article you describe, that standard address fields can be broken down into ZIP-code, street, house number, and then inserted into a smart doc.

You show that this is possible for organizations and contacts.

Even with a screenshot depicting the address of a contact broken down into its elements:

But for contacts there is no standard address field.

And support just told me that I only get an address field for contacts, if I turn contact sync on.

What is the logics behind this???

Please, can you tell me that this will be fixed asap? Or please take this article down as it is just wrong information. What am I going to tell my boss now? Using word to write letters to clients was a MUST for us. And now we will have to change the adress field each time we write a letter…

This does not work for us.


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @ipg1992,

    We appreciate you bringing to our attention the potential confusion around the Postal Address field under the contact section, particularly if it is not available in your account. We apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this may have caused. Please note that this field is created as part of the Contact Sync, and the Person/People entity does not have an address field by default.

    In order to address this issue, we will bring it to the attention of our internal team for clarification. In the meantime, we would like to offer some solutions to your question. Even if you do not have contact sync added, you can link an organization to the contact person and fill in the organization's default address field in the Smart Docs template. Another option is to set up a one-way contact sync to use the postal address field and avoid using the organization section.

    We hope this information is helpful and thank you for bringing this to our attention.