Constant spam in Pipedrive web forms


We are getting a lot of spam web form submissions, which ruins our conversion tracking and wastes our team's time sorting through and deleting them. Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Perhaps Pipedrive could implement a different / better reCaptcha approach, honeypot, etc.?

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    Try using these form solutions instead where some of them offer a captcha.

    • Formaloo: AI-powered survey maker for lead capture and data collection and management (like Airtable?).
    • Fillout: Simple drag-and-drop, conditional logic for small businesses.
    • Typeform: Expensive, but the OG form solution providing conversational user experiences.
    • MakeForms: Code-free, file uploads, e-signatures, calculated fields.
    • GoZen: AI-powered autofill for repetitive data entry.
    • JotForm: 10,000+ templates, payments, approvals, enterprise security.
    • ConvertCalculator: Excel-like calculation forms with powerful formulas.
    • Gravity Forms: WordPress plugin, conditional logic, databases, payments.
    • TallyForms: Free, intuitive form builder, a lot like Notion.