Issue with Duplicate Emails in Automated Email Sequence


. I've set up an automation to send follow-up emails to clients, bu the email is sent three times instead of just once. The setup appears correct and should only trigger one send per activation. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem or could suggest what to check or how to fix this? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @wyapromo!

    I was checking the playbook of your automations and I seem to have found the issue. Let me guide you through it :)

    Taking one of your follow-up automations as example, on the highlighted parts we see here we can see that the conditions for this automation are "deal stage is…" and "deal status is…", while the trigger is "deal updated". This means that any updates that happen to the deals that match those criteria (are in that specific stage and have that specific status) will trigger the automation - and the amount of triggers will be amount of emails sent by that automation.

    My advise here is to change the conditions of the trigger to "deals status (or the specific update you would like to trigger this automation) has changed to…". Just make sure to select "has changed to" when that is the update that should trigger the automation.

    This, however, will only be the solution if your goal is indeed that a specific update to your deals trigger the automation, which I am assuming is the case. If that isn't your goal, on the other hand, feel free to clarify it further and I will be glad to try and re-evaluate what could be causing this behaviour.

    I hope this helps!