What are these errors in products import?

Rita Pereira
Rita Pereira Member Posts: 1


I tried to import my list of products but I got two errors in part of the list. I was able to import 700/1080.

Do you know what do they mean and how can I solve them?

1 - Product not found.

2 - (Product) Update product is not allowed for deleted products.

Thank you,

Rita Pereira


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @Rita Pereira !

    1. The error "Product not found" indicated that the product you are most likely trying to update via import was hard deleted, which means that it is no longer in your account's database.
    2. The error "Update product is not allowed for deleted products" happens when we are trying to modify a soft deleted product. Soft deleted products are products that are no longer active in your account, but are still in the account's database (they should look like this from within your account). With that in mind, in order to be able to update these products, they need to be reactivated (which can be done by clicking here).

    I hope this helps! If you need further assistance in the process of importing/updating these items, on the other hand, I encourage you to reach out to our Support Team so that you can share further details of what you are trying to achieve and be guided accordingly.

    Thank you.