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Zach Garrison
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Hi Pipedrivers,

I am Posting this to get to see if we can get a reaction out of Pipedrive Developers to fix the EMAIL THREAD.

  • I would for them to give us an option to use the design they have now (I know some may like it) or to be able to select a different email style.
  • I want the latest email communication at the top then all correspondence below that email.

This way I am not scrolling trying to find where the email I need to respond to is located! It gets so disorganized and disrupted with the current setup.

Please post what you would also like to have in the comments!

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  • Jonathan Gennick
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    I also would prefer the latest at the top.

    Also nice would be to make it easier to spot the transitions between emails on long threads with many CC'd and replies from multiple people.