How to collect form with images and videos

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I am new to Pipedrive, what is the best way to collect information and attachments from clients?

So once someone submits an inquiry on our website, we would automatically send them a follow up form to fill out the information and submit images/videos.

Is there a recommended form pathway to take? After inquiry submission, the form is sent out, they fill it out, submit their images and videos and the form completion goes under their created lead?

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    You can consider any of the following form solutions.

    • Formaloo: AI-powered survey maker for lead capture and data collection and management (like Airtable?).
    • Fillout: Simple drag-and-drop, conditional logic for small businesses.
    • Typeform: Expensive, but the OG form solution providing conversational user experiences.
    • MakeForms: Code-free, file uploads, e-signatures, calculated fields.
    • GoZen: AI-powered autofill for repetitive data entry.
    • JotForm: 10,000+ templates, payments, approvals, enterprise security.
    • ConvertCalculator: Excel-like calculation forms with powerful formulas.
    • Gravity Forms: WordPress plugin, conditional logic, databases, payments.
    • TallyForms: Free, intuitive form builder, a lot like Notion.