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What integration is best if I want to populate data about an organization - i.e. automatically pick up their address, website, brief description and have it automatically filled into data fields?


  • Alexander Crump
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    @Uo I'm experiencing this problem too, are you free to discuss? Connect with me on LinkedIn here. Thanks!

  • Amit Sarda (
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    @Uo and @Alexander Crump - you can use Surfe or Clay to get this information.

  • Uo
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    Thanks Amit. It seems Pipedrive doesn't integrate yet with Clay so I guess I'll try the other one.

  • Dillon Hill
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    Hi @Uo,

    Pipedrive's native integrations are pretty limited on this front. What we usually do for our clients is recommend Apollo + Pipedrive using a custom integration. Apollo has great data enrichment, and a custom integration is relatively simple with something like Zapier or

    A quick overview of how to do that:

    1. Add Organizations to Pipedrive: Either manually upload a CSV file or create organizations individually in Pipedrive.
    2. Automate Data Transfer to Apollo: Use Zapier to automatically send new or updated organization data from Pipedrive to Apollo for enrichment.
    3. Enrich and Return Data: Enrich the organization data in Apollo and use Zapier or a custom API to send this enriched data back to an API or directly into Pipedrive.
    4. Create and Link People in Pipedrive: Automatically create or update ‘Person’ entries in Pipedrive linked to the enriched data and the original organization.

    Let me know if you have any questions!