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I'm trying to create an automation to follow up new enquiries until they book a call.

On enquiry, they receive an email with a link to book a call through our 3rd party app (this step is working).

I'd like to wait a day before a Task is created for the admin team to check if that call has been booked (I cannot get this step to work).

I've attached the image of how I want the automation to work but I can't even get past the first step. Please help!

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  • Dillon Hill
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    Hi @CMB,

    Good intuition with your flow setup so far. Do you mind if I ask what 3rd party booking tool you're using? Can you clarify in what way your step is failing?

    We've built two similar use cases, one with Pipedrive + Calendly and another for Pipedrive + Acuity. In either case, we synced Calendly/Acuity information into Pipedrive using Zapier/ By 'sync' I mean that when a 3rd party meeting was booked, it would create an activity in Pipedrive as well as update a deal field called 'Appointment Status'. This allowed us to check if an appointment was scheduled in future automations.


  • CMB
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    Hi @Dillon Hill, I worked out the issue with the failing step :) The 3rd party booking tool is SetMore so I'm going to use Zapier to link them.