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Hi - I would ideally like to send the URL related to a particular activity once it has been completed to a colleague. What is the easiest way to get an activity URL? It is not obvious to me. Thanks! Best wishes Tim



  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Tim Davidson PD,

    We do have the option to generate a link to a specific activity when it is completed using automation, but making sure the person who receives the link will be able to access the activity would be the tricky part. Let me explain.

    In Pipedrive, all entities work based on an ID system, meaning each deal, contact, activity etc, will have a unique ID assigned to it, and we will be able to get any entity by passing the ID in the URL, for example, deals will be{id}.

    The same logic applies to activity URLs, but when it comes to activities, we would also need to consider the filters applied to the activity page. For instance, if you generate a link for an activity completed ten days ago and your colleague has a filter applied to show only the To-Do activities, the link will not be able to show the activity as it will not match the filter condition and is not very reliable.

    However, we can send a link to the deal, person, and/or organisation to which the activity was linked. If your colleague can access the deal, person, or organisation, they can view the activity inside it.

    Here is an example automation setup:

    The above automation is triggered when an activity is marked as done and set to send an email with links to the deal, person, and organisation linked to the activity. The recipient of the email will be able to click on the link to be redirected to Pipedrive. If the activity does not have a linked deal, for example, the URL will not be complete (you can know this by the lack of a number at the end). I hope this helps.