Automations: Access to custom fields of linked objects


In automations, it is not possible to get the value of a "custom field" that belongs to the linked object.

For example:

Object DEAL has linked objects like: ORGANIZATION (deal organization), PERSON (deal contact), PROJECT etc. - i.e. objects with the option to create a custom fields on them.

On these object we are using custom fields.
Example for DEAL:

  • Our DEAL ID <Deal OurID>
  • Date of order receipt <Deal OrderDate>
  • and others …

Example for PERSON:

  • Greeting: ["Honorable Minister", "Madam President", …]
  • Name Prefix ["Prof.", "Ing.", "Dr.", …]
  • Name Suffix ["Ph.D.", "MBA", ..]
  • and others …

We are using automation to create a new activity when DEAL stage has changed to "Order received". (Works correctly)

  • Trigger: DEAL update
  • Instant condition: DEAL stage has changed to "Order received"
  • Action: Create activity

We would like to use our custom variables from the linked object e.g. PERSON in the newly created activity, in its "Note" field.

It is not possible. Needed and expected variables are not available in the placeholder menu.

The only variables available are:

  1. Default/standard fields of all linked objects.
    For example: <Deal contact person name>or <Deal contact person phone> etc
  2. Custom fields for the main object only, in this case DEAL
    In our case: <Deal OurID> or <Deal OrderDate>

Unfortunately, other useful, needed and expected variables of custom made fields from linked objects (as PERSON, or ORG) like: <Deal Contact Person Greeting>
<Deal Contact Person Name Prefix> <Deal Contact Person Name> <Deal Contact Person Name Suffix>
are not available.

Are we doing something wrong?
Or does Pipedrive really not support it?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Matěj Kříž,

    Thank you for the detailed question; it is well put together.

    Indeed, if you are using a deal-based trigger, it is expected that you will not be able to access the data under other entities like the contact person in the automation, but we do have a workaround for it.

    Before the main action to create a new activity, you can make a pseudo-update to the Person linked to the Deal so that the Person entity will also be part of the automation flow. This update can be anything from an update in a custom field to label changes, etc. I have set up a dedicated custom field for this, which is hidden in most places and only used for automation.

    Here is an example of an automation setup, I hope this helps: