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I've got a business development user who has been including Pipedrive on emails to clients regarding deals and such. Recently, he started getting bounce backs on some emails that had attachments.

Exchange provided the following information in the bounce back email notification:

The specific error is: 550 5.0.350 Remote server returned an error -> 550 Error reading data, max message size exceeded

Message rejected by:

From what I can see, the max size of an email being uploaded to PD is 50MB. The size on disk of the handful of emails the user provided me are roughly 30MB each, well under the 50MB limit.

The user is sending the emails to [company_name]

I've reviewed this error from the exchange side and it doesn't appear to be a problem on the sending end but rather on the PD side. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Are there any workarounds?




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    Hey, @TheOldDozer!

    While Pipedrive has a 25MB file size limit on emails you can send from the platform, the issue you're encountering with bounce backs is likely due to attachments causing the problem, even if the size is below 25MB. It's possible that the combined size of the attachments is exceeding the limit set by the email provider, which in this case is SendGrid, and that may have its own limitations that are lower than Pipedrive's 50MB limit for email uploads.

    For example, Outlook has a default combined file size limit of 20MB. As a workaround, you could try sending the attachments via a cloud service and sharing the files via link, or try to compress the files to work within the provider limits. Additionally, it's important to note that the error message "550 Error reading data, max message size exceeded" indicates that the issue is with the size of the data being sent, so reducing the size of the attachments or using alternative methods to send them should resolve the bounce back issue.

    I hope this helps, but in case it doesn't, I suggest reaching out to our Support Team for further guidance with this topic.

    Thank you.