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I'm looking to integrate Dialpad with my Pipedrive account for calling and sms features. Has anyone else used Dialpad? Secondly, does Pipedrive have an open API as that was the only requirement for integration. I'm not technically inclined so it's all new to me


  • Dillon Hill
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    Hi @Abundant Man,

    We have built out a Dialpad integration for a client that would sync activity on both tools. Both platforms have a robust API. If you have any specific questions, let me know!

    Dialpad API:
    Pipedrive API:

    If you want to work with their APIs, I'd recommend Pipedream for building out automations. This is a code-heavy platform though so be aware.

    If you don't want to code directly with the API, I'd recommend something like It still requires some technical skills, but it's a no-code solution. Here is an affiliate link to try, or of course you can visit their website directly. Zapier is another good option.

    Ultimately, our client switched to Call Rail because they didn't like the call quality from Dialpad.

    Dillon Hill

  • Abundant Man
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    Thank you for your reply Dillon. I've come to the conclusion that I'm only looking for a sevice that has a calling and sms intergration already with Pipedrive. I want the easy button and not being techincal I don't want to deal with an issues using the pipedrive.

  • Alexander Crump
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    @Abundant Man I'm a Pipedrive user too and came to the same conclusion myself. Calling and SMS integration is essential and we couldn't find anything that fit the bill, so we built it. We went a step further too by building a service that dynamically updates lead/deal records at the end of client calls. We're trialling with 20 alpha users at the moment. Feel free to reach out here if you want to try it out too