Any suggestions for the best SMS/MMS/Call integration with PipeDrive for an Australian business?

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Hi team,

My clients want to integrate SMS/MMS/Calls within PipeDrive itself. The provider would need to allow for MMS within Australia (some don't).


A chat interface within PipeDrive to see conversational threads with customers that include the SMS/MMS history in one place.

or, an external interface that handles this and updates PipeDrive with record keeping.


Click to call from PipeDrive.
When a customer calls, it brings up the PipeDrive contact.

I have been looking into about 10 solutions now and it's difficult finding one that can do it all.


  • Dillon Hill
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    Hi @PointAboveConsulting,

    We have many clients using CallRail. I would recommend it.

    It isn't integrated directly with Pipedrive, but we have been able to build automations that link activity between the two. I'm from the US so I can't speak directly to their Australia service, but they do have an AUS pricing page:

    It's worth noting that CallRail is primarily for attribution tracking. It sounds like you would need the 'Lead Center' add-on.

    - Dillon Hill

  • Alexander Crump
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    @PointAboveConsulting I'm a PipeDrive user and we had trouble finding the right SMS/MMS/Call integrations too, so we built it. We went a step further by building a tool that dynamically updates lead/deal records at the end of client calls. We're trialling with 20 alpha users at the moment. Feel free to reach out here if you want to try it out too