Sending a WhatsApp message in a automation

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Does anyone know if it's possible to send a WhatsApp message (via Twilio) through an automation?

I have an automation set up to send 2 follow up emails if contact in a Deal doesn't book a call. I'd like the third follow up to be a WhatsApp message but can't see this as an option.



  • Nikolai Sokolov
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    Sure, works thru zapier/make. No way to pull it off in pipedrive workflow automations tho. But that's a very common scenario: use make to do this.

    There's also Timeline.AI which is a more convenient way to sync convos back with pipedrive, while having a nice API integration in make to send out custom messages.

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    You will have to use one Make/Integromat or Zapier or and some WhatsApp automation tools (SendPulseWatiTrengo) to get this done.

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    Thank you Amit and Nikolai, I'm looking at using Twilio now