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When I write e-mails in my usual e-mail programs, drafts are saved while I write. If there is an interruption there is usually a draft to open and continue writing in. Pipedrive's app seems to work differently. For a whole hour I wrote an email to a contact. When I pressed "Send" the app froze and I had to restart the phone (iPhone XS Max) to be able to write in the app again. I can't find a draft of my message. With such a shortcoming, writing in Pipedrive feels useless. ...or is there some way to recreate the text that I, as a newbie to the system, don't know about?


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    Hi @Snufsis

    Pipedrive does have a draft system in their email app and periodically saves your email drafts. If you open up the email app and look at the menu, it should be the second one from the top.

    I am unsure, if there is a way to recreate the text as you are requesting. There are some instances like if you didn't have an internet connection during the email creation, I think the content is gone.


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