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in PD I noticed that you can achieve a lot with automations and a bit of creativity, although the automations are very limited here. We currently have an automation that sends out chain emails, those are being sent with some days of waiting in between. We want to make it so if we manually send an email to one of the email drip deals, that the automations would stop sending out the email chain.

For example.

Deal 1 - 1st automation starts, sends out 3 emails, 3 days wait in between each email.

If we send an email Manually to this deal, we would like the automation to stop, I was wondering if its possible to achieve this with the current limited automation options?


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    Hey, @Tadas!

    In Pipedrive, achieving the exact automation you described can be challenging with out native automation features. However, you can work around this limitation by using a combination of automation and possibly third-party tools like Zapier.

    Here’s a step-by-step on achieve this:

    1. Tagging or Custom Field:
      • Create a custom field or use tags to mark deals where you manually send an email. For example, a custom checkbox field named "Manual Email Sent".
    2. Automation Setup:
      • Set up your initial automation to send the chain of emails with waiting periods in between. This can be done using Pipedrive's Workflow Automation.
      • Ensure that your automation includes a condition to check if the "Manual Email Sent" custom field is unchecked before sending each email.
    3. Using Filters and Actions:
      • Create a filter to identify deals with the "Manual Email Sent" field checked.
      • Set up an automation to stop the email chain if this condition is met. Unfortunately, Pipedrive’s native automations don’t provide an option to stop an ongoing sequence directly, but you can create a workaround (step 4).
    4. Using Third-Party Integration:
      • On Zapier, create a Zap that triggers when you manually send an email to a contact.
      • This Zap can then update the "Manual Email Sent" field in Pipedrive for the respective deal.
      • Example: Trigger: Email Parser by Zapier - New Email. Action: Pipedrive - Update Deal > Set the deal ID based on the email context > Update the "Manual Email Sent" field to checked.

    I hope this helps :)