How to invite clients to Pipedrive Projects ?

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We use Asana as our projects management to discuss with our clients

We would like to use Pipedrive Projects instead

But first i would like to make sure that Pipedrive Projects has an essential feature (like all projects tools on the market) : be able to invite clients as "guests" on projects

on Asana, we can invite as many clients we need (like on monday, clickup…) and choose clients roles among 3 possibilities :

  • ready only
  • comment only
  • right to create tasks

Please tell me that is possible with Pipedrive Projects

Thank you 🙂



  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @CharlesV!

    Pipedrive Projects is relatively new compared to more mature project management tools like Asana, which means that the features available in Pipedrive Projects are still growing and it might not yet have the same level of functionality as Asana. Currently, inviting clients as "guests" with roles like "read-only," "comment-only," or "right to create tasks" is not a feature that Pipedrive Projects supports natively.

    You can always, however, look for workaround in case you want to migrate to Projects. To manage your projects with clients using Pipedrive while providing some level of access to your clients, for example, I can think of two workarounds that might me useful:

    • Instead of direct access, you can share updates, task progress, and project milestones with clients via email. Our Workflow Automations can help with this process by sending regular updates or notifying clients when specific milestones are reached.
    • Use client portals or shared documents (like Google Sheets or Docs) to provide clients with updates and receive their feedback. This way, you can manage internal tasks within Pipedrive Projects and communicate progress through shared documents.

    I hope this helps :)

  • CharlesV
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    Hi Leonardo

    Thank you,

    i see your workarounds but those are the traditionnal ways to communicate with clients like 10 years ago :)

    nowadays, its more effective to have a project in common with clients

    Notion for instance (relatively new too) does that well : we can share anything in edit / view only mode

    that would be a great feature for Pipedrive

    thanks :)

  • Andre Vill -

    Hi @CharlesV

    I think this is a great development idea for Pipedrive Projects in the future!

    Pipedrive is a Sales CRM system and not a specific Project management tool, so I wouldn't start using it to compete against Asana or Notion. Those software are specific for that job. I think Asana and Notion don't have functional sales and marketing features.


  • CharlesV
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    As it is a sales CRM system, its a good idea to be able to discuss with the client about the sale / service / product they have bought on a project, rather than to have to use email or another software

    Plus, giving a " view only " or " comment only " to external guests is quite a common feature on all softwares

    it would be great to have this on Pipedrive 😃

  • Josh Buesking
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    Projects is a major dud.

    I love pipedrive but the projects module is half baked and abandoned.

    There's no current development or planned future.

    It's 2024 and there's no mobile access.

  • CharlesV
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    For now we still work with Asana for our clients projects

    but it would great to have the basic features of Asana on Pipedrive projects + invite clients (as comment only or ready only) on those projects