How to automatically create an activity and align time to certain custom time field


Hi everyone,

I'm now assisting my client to figure out on automation workflow, however i'm having some problem here:


A home design company want to auto-create an activity when the deal has been moved to reservation stage.


We've created 2 custom field in deal:

  1. Reservation date(type: date)
  2. Reservation time(type: time)

Once the deal move to a reservation stage, an activity will be created:

Activity date → according to deal field Reservation date

Activity time → according to deal field Reservation time ←—-CAN'T DO THIS

So salespersons have to manually edit the activity time,

Is there any better way to get this done(I guess the answer so far is no😅)

Will be more than happy to see this issue solved in the next update rollout🥹🥹🥹