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Patrik Pšenák
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Hi, I have tired sending emails through Pipedrive. First problem I found was when the name was patrik.psenak instead of Patrik Pšenák. 

The other issue was with email signature. It showed just squares not even my name, position, phone number and etc. I have very simple signature so most of the email clients can read them. 

I found a discussion here in forum about it but the only advice was to contact a support. I think this should be a option for users to deal with the sender name in their account. 

Thank you for any advice or help!


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Patrik Pšenák !

    I'm sorry to hear you aren't having an ideal experience. Regarding your email alias, I believe this is something that also depends on factors external to our email sync, so it will need some technical troubleshooting that only our Support team can help you with.

    As for your email signature, what you describe doesn't seem like the way it should work (adding your contact details in text, an image and a link if you like), so I would also bring that up when talking to Support.