Is there a way to move the action boxes up or down in a workflow?

Dave Auwarter
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I'll explain further...I created a workflow with several actions. I realized that I need to add another action at the top of the workflow. The only way I see to add this new action is to create it at the bottom of the workflow but I see no way to move it up to the top or insert it at the top of the workflow. Thx

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Dave Auwarter !

    Unfortunately at the moment it's not possible to change the order of the "boxes". However, their visual order will not affect the order in which the actions are performed once the automation is triggered: in the current version of Workflow Automations, all actions are triggered simultaneously onde the trigger goes off.

    I can tell you that we're working on a new version of automations that will let you create delays and even dependencies between actions, so stay tuned for news! If you like to be the first to know what we're working on and have the chance to try our early versions of things to come, join our Research and Beta Testing group.

    In any case, I understand how even just visually it can be easier to keep track of the logic you're putting together if what you see follows a certain order, so I've forwarded your suggestion to our team for consideration.