Filter enhancements.

The current filter is too limited. Could you please create additional combinations, for example:

((company = A) AND (custom field 1 = x OR custom field 2 =y))  OR ((company = B) AND (custom field 3 = a OR custom field 4 = b)

I currently have to create a few separate filters, export the data from each into xls and then analyze it there, which is a pain.

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  • Inês Batata
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    HI @Daniel Steyn , thank you for your feedback! I've made sure to forward it to our team for consideration.

  • Laura Martin
    Laura Martin Posts: 10
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    Any chance this is in process? This would be a huge benefit for us. Trying to find the workaround is not very fun. ;-)

  • Tobias Löwenthal
    edited January 7 #4

    This one would be a pretty big saver of manual work. Right now I have to select a filter, send a mail, then select another filter, then send the mail again etc., because I cannot seem to get all my contacts in one filter.