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Neil Birnie
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We are not able to use the Pipedrive reports as a business as it doesn't provide us with the ability to extract these as excel, however, we love PD and currently extract our deals in the list view for reporting purposes. 

Is it possible to have a column/s in the list view that converts the deal currency into the companies nominated currency (GBP in our case) we work internationally and capture deals in native currency and it would be very handy to see this as a column?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Neil Birnie although currently not possible our Insights reports team is always keen for ideas, I'm going to forward this to them!

  • Simon Newman
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    I agree with Neil.  Very useful.  Will this be added to Pipedrive any time soon?


  • Patrick_82724
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    Any updates to this? Our business is pursuing opportunities in at least 7 different currencies, so the ability to see deals through a common currency denominator would be much more helpful than either having our sales team have to calculate the conversion by hand or maintain a bespoke macro in an offline spreadsheet...