Automate Lead Creation

We are looking for a way to automate the creation of a lead. Neither Zapier or Pipedrive have automation triggers or actions that revolve around leads.

I hope this is functionality that will be built into the platforms. Has anyone found a workaround?

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  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant -
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    They do, via Zapier. 

    Can you elaborate what your challenge is?

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can achieve this with Zapier.


    If Deal Status = [closed won] >> Create New Deal 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Nuno Oliveira and @Michal Smetana tagging you here ;)

  • Vengat Krishnaraj
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    Hey @Charlie Callaway ,

    Have you considered using an email automation tool for this purpose?

    If so, I’d suggest you use Klenty which has native integration with Pipedrive and you do not require Zapier integration at all

    Klenty is an email automation tool which helps sales teams send personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale.

    With Klenty+Pipedrive integration, you should be able auto import contacts to Klenty and start the email campaigns. You can also manage campaigns to your contacts from within pipedrive using Klenty app panel.

    Using Klenty’s  ‘Triggers & Actions' you can create advanced workflow actions in Pipedrive like creating a new lead or moving a deal to a new stage, etc based on the triggers in Klenty like email opens, clicks, replies etc.You can also create advanced workflows that allows you to record all email engagement data back in Pipedrive 

    You can check out Klenty in Pipedrive marketplace here for more details and read the user reviews.

    Hope this helps you :)

  • Nicolas Clairembault
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    On my side I use the automation feature to create a "follow up" each time I create a new contact in my adress book, so I remember to connect to new contacts on Linkedin, send  a quick email etc. 

    Today I discover the "lead" tab, it is new, isn't it? Based on what I understand on this tab, I'd love to be able o automatically create a lead each time I create a contact. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be possible. 

    Please, Pipedrive, do it!

  • Keith Greywood
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    Zapier is great for adding a new contact from different lead sources, but I want to handle lead creation in pipedrive with automations. This is much cleaner. Currently pointless switching to use this lead section, and should have an option to remove it from the menu - just adds confusion at the moment