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Paddy Orrell
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Hi Pipedrive,

The smart data function appears to be really helpful. Unfortunately on closer inspection it is not so useful the data shown there is not an actual data field in Pipedrive. You can manually copy and paste the data from here but no automations can be setup from the smart data and it also appears that you can't report on this data. So it's nice to look at but....

Can we structure the smart data to be proper fields associated with the organisation/contact or find another solution?


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Paddy Orrell I'm passing it along to our team!

  • Roman Villard
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    Yes! I second this. Was curious as to why it appears as a separate line item and isn't automated when creating a new organization / contact..

  • Mike McNally
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    The Smart data feature only works sporadically, and the inability to populate real fields with the data it collects is very limiting.  The potential of this feature is terrific, looking forward to  improvements in recognition and for using the data.   GOOD EXAMPLE  is the Linkedin Photo that is retrieved should be easily added to the profile picture for the contact.