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we would like to be able to send an email from individual emails, but have replies filter back to one email. for example, email sent from [email protected] and [email protected], clients' replies goes to [email protected] with a cc or bcc to joe and gary. So mary will be receiving all replies no matter what account they were sent from... make sense? This would allow agents to email clients on behalf of a supervisory agent, and the supervisory agent get the correspondence emails. it could be setup as a setting

outgoing email = [email protected]
email responses = [email protected]

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    @Jordan Koslosky thanks for passing this idea along. I'll make sure it reaches out team. However, right now it's probably easiest to just go into your email client that you've synced with Pipedrive and set up the auto forward or reply-to setting in your email client so that all incoming emails get forwarded to Mary or replies to emails sent already go to Mary. Hope it helps!