Security features should no be used for commercial purposes

Marcel Letink
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Security features should be available for all the packages. Right now it's only available for professional, high paid, customers. Thats just embarrassing. Our security auditor has no good words for this weird commercial decision. The safety of our data should not be used for commercial purposes. Please set it right as soon as possible.

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Marcel Letink , we appreciate your feedback.

    Although all of our plans have security features, like Single Sign-On and 2-Factor Authentication, I believe you're referring to the Security Dashboard, Alerts and Rules. Our research showed up that in the great majority of cases there are types of features that only larger companies with a larger number of workers are interested in, and they tend to be in our Professional plan. 

    We do of course understand that there can be companies with different profiles and in different plans that may be interested in these too and we try to accommodate this to our best ability when designing our plans. I have made sure to relay your feedback internally so we can take it into consideration in the future.