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Hi pipedrive people, first of all thanks for making an awesome product, you rock :) Secondly, there's one thing i am really missing at the moment, and it is the ability to attach links to a product itself. we have pretty dynamic product specs, and they are kept in google docs, so being able to link those to the products defined in pipedrive would be a big help. 

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    Hi @Kay , welcome to the Pipedrive Community and thank you for your kind words! 🙂

    At the moment it's possible to attach files from your computer or Google Drive to Products. Would that help? It's not a direct link to a specific product in your Google Doc, but it's close.

    In any case, I've forwarded your suggestion internally to our team for consideration.

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    Hi Ines, thank you for the warm welcome, also for the super quick response! 

    A file attachment is ok, but for us, the specs are so dynamic over the stages of the deal, we would need to reattach constantly.  The link to the google doc would solve the issue of potentially outdated information being attached to the product. I also was thinking about attaching these links to the deals, but then it becomes an issue to keep all the deals related to one product up to date. hope this makes sense.

    Thanks for forwarding it to the team!

    cheers, K