Kanban table for Leads inbox

Dalia Juodzevičienė
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Hi, I have a few suggestions regarding Leads Inbox:

  1. To have a possibility to create a pipeline (such as Kanban table we have in Deals) in Leads inbox. There is a certain road for the salesman to pass until the leads converts into deal. Therefore, is it super helpful to have a certain leads process in Leads Inbox (otherwise, it is not that helpful or friendly).
  2. To see organization on the main page in the Leads Inbox. Now it is not seen at all.

By the way, how is it going with reporting part? Is it known when the reporting for leads inbox is ready? Or at least a possibility to download excel from the leads inbox?




  • Mark Haller
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    I just came looking for this

    We have hired a BDM and they go through various nurturing stages with the cold leads such as email 1, phone call 1, email 2, linkedin connect, etc.

    How is the BDM supposed to track this? It's not a deal - where the Kanban board would work perfectly.

    Right now we have this Frankenstein solution where the BDMs have their own Deal pipeline ... and everyone in the organisation sees a new Deal logged of an amazing client I know we have never spoken to, but the team think we've landed a big deal with. Not ideal at all and a workaround at best.