Shareable Insight Reports for Sales Account Execs to Use

David Spear
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As a sales leader, it is critical important that everyone is using the same report out of Insights, when going through funnel reviews.  It is therefore important that the Sales AE can create their own dashboard with the critical std reports that I would expect them to be on top of all the time.  Right now we only have the ability to share a link to a report I create vs this report to be available to choose from their own report dashboard.  The link doesn't allow a deep dive into the report as the real report does.

Super important to create the same sharable views which you allow other users to create for deal list views and set that up in Insight Reports.  Having every AE to be required to create the same report in the same format from scratch if inefficient to say the least.

Thanks, Dave

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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your feedback and for illustrating your use case so clearly, @David Spear !

    Indeed "Shared Insights" are designed to be a read-only format (for example when you want to share a bird's eye view with someone who is not a user in your Pipedrive account). 

    That being said, we definitely understand how it would be practical and unifying to have an internally shared list of reports or dashboards. I've made sure to forward your suggestion to our team for consideration.

  • Hans Kjellberg
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    Hi @David Spear ,

    If you haven't already, you should try out Dear Lucy - we're solving exactly the need you describe. 

    You can find it from the Pipedrive marketplace or have a look at the demo from our website first 

    We fetch your sales data from Pipedrive through API and organise it into ready-to-use sales dashboards for the decision makers and sales people in the company (not the analysts). It takes less than 2 minutes to get set-up!