Related Organizations - Filtered Lists

Guys, maybe this feature is not used by many - but it would be tremendously helpful to allow the ability to:

  1. Add related organizations (organization) and the relationship type (parent, daughter) as a column in filtered lists, and
  2. Allow export and import of these values.

Right now, mapping out a corporate account with subsidiaries is more than tedious. Is this something that can be accomplished?

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks @Jan Visser , it's indeed not a heavily used feature so it currently isn't a priority as I hope you understand. Nonetheless, I understand the use case and shared it with the team ;)

    Somehow I also missed that earlier post you are referring to, taking a look now.

  • Tatiana Bazzi
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    In our company we are eager and in need to map related organizations.

    We'd love to use the feature but the current process would take us forever in manually reviewing the entire  database.

    As suggested by Jan, filtering and the possibility to mass import to map the field would make a big difference.

    I guess the reason why the feature is not heavily used is just because it's non that "usable".