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I think I submitted this a few months back, but thought I'd submit again as I cant remember what my reply was. I'd like to request priority activities feature, this enables users to assign a traffic light system to their tasks which don't have a timed deadline but do require urgent attention/action. It would enable users to filter their activities by priority again without using the time feature, but instead, filter by urgent/complete today/can push back type of style. I think this would help a lot of users who have managers that view tasks on a daily basis to understand they are completing activities when needed/urgently. It also helps users understand what is an urgent task within their role. 

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    Hi @Edie Mew , thank you for your feedback!

    Currently it's not possible to create activities without a due date, so a possible workaround would be creating a custom type of activity that you can even name "priority"; that will allow you to filter them out easily (always cross-referencing with their due date, though).

    Another option might be to create a stage in your pipeline where you move your deals to while that activity isn't done.

    PS - You can always check your previous questions and answers here in Community by going to your Profile. 😉