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would it be possible to customize the tags WON and LOST? For example, I could pass a deal to another department, or simply put it into a "wait" state. I'd like to be able to see that visually on the board, as I do with the green "won" deals.


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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Marco !

    Currently it's not possible to edit or create deal status like "open/won/lost/deleted", but I can think of some alternatives: 

    • create a "wait" stage in your pipeline and move those deals there.
    • if after you've marked a deal as won or lost you need to pass it on to another department, you can move the deal to another pipeline that reflects that department (or duplicate the original deal and move the copy to the secondary pipeline).

    Learn more here:

  • Leandro de la Torriente
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    As far as the "wait" state goes.  I created a reason for lost as "On Hold" then I can search for lost projects on hold.  The way I view it, if the customer wants to wait longer than typical sales cycle time, it's a lost deal.  You can always reopen it if needed.