Some suggestions for improving an already great pipedrivesystem

Nice challenges .... 

1. Would it be possible to uplight deals of witch there is a reaction by mail? 

2. Is it possible to click to a next deal in the same stage when you are in a deal? 

3. It would be easy if you could move a deal to a another stage without the automatisation of that other stage just by clicking on a one button or something ... 



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    Hi @Geoffrey Heyrbaut , thank you for your feedback!

    Let me take your questions separately:

    1. At the moment our Workflow Automations don't have triggers that monitor email activity but I can tell you it's in our plans, so stay tuned! 🚀
    2. Currently this is not possible but I have forwarded your suggestion to our team for consideration.
    3. You can make a deal go back or forth to another stage from inside the deal detail view, all you have to do is click the desired stage in the "mini pipeline" at the top. See how in this quick video.