Google Contact Sync: Name Prefix

Google Conatc Sync in Pipedrive does sync following data fields:

  • Name
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Address
  • Instant Messengers
  • Post Address
  • Organization/Company
  • Notes
  • Birthday/Date of birth
  • Job Title
  • Photo/Picture (only for one-way sync and as long as there is no picture already under the contact in Pipedrive)

Does anybody know how to Sync the Name Prefix (Ms., Mr., Dr. and so on) in the 2way sync?

I cannot believe that this is not synced as I guess many users still use their GMail to write Mails and whithout the information of the correct salutation synced from Pipedrive to Google Contacts its a nuisance to switch between apps.


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    Hi @Stefan Keel , thank you for your feedback!

    I'm afraid the list of synced fields is not editable, so the prefix is not included, but if you create a custom field for it in PIpedrive you can probably use Zapier or a similar tool to sync that field.

    That being said, I've made sure your suggestion reaches our team for consideration.

  • It's truly a shame that Pipedrive chose to Synch " the Name" field vs setting it up to Synch the "First Name" and " Last Name " Fields In the above Matter the Prefix could have been simply added to the First Name.

    In my situation. I have lots of people I deal with that there are 2 First names. For Ex John and Nancy Smith

    In Pipe drive as soon as there is a Separation of text it puts the The First name as John and the Last name as "and Nancy Smith"

    I can go through the effort of correcting the First name in Pipe Drive however when it synchs with Google Contacts it then puts "and Nancy" in the Middle Name field.

    The offered work around was to group first name as John&Nancy or John_and _Nancy

    Not really nice to see somebodies name put that way

    All of the above issues would be corrected if Pipedrive would Synch the 1st and last Names instead of the " Name Field"

    Hope that something gets done because this is too much of a turn off to have to deal with such a fundamental issue as to how I am having to maintain addressing someone by name.