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Aivar Tugedam
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  1. Is there a specific reason why the search function will find only the contact information and topics, but not the information inside the email? And is it possible to add in the near future this solution also?
  2. The second feedback would be a similar email/search function request but inside the android app. I can search for information from the PD app and find deals and contact, but when I open the unread emails button there is no search function anymore? Only filter option. Please add the search function also to this section.

Keep up the good work, Thank you!

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  • alex Francis
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    I vote for it 

  • Tom Matthews_26452
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    This is exactly what we want at the moment. We have inherited a database from an acquisition but it's poor quality data. We have several emails that have bounced back and the ability to search for [email protected] inside an email would allow us to clean up the database really quickly. 

  • Troy Mojsoski
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    any update on this? we are after the same thing