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Shawn Mahannah
Shawn Mahannah Posts: 1

Is there a place where I can access the Manage Templates that are not within the compose email drop down? 

I work in my "Manage Templates" a lot and it is just a hassle having to go into the compose email. Is there a way for me to be able to use my sidebar and be able to customize it to how I need it to be so that Pipedrive can be as efficient as I need it to be? 

I love looked and looked and I am not seeing anything. 

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Shawn Mahannah 

    Unfortunately there's no other place today. However, I'll make sure our team sees your request so they can review it :) thanks for sharing!

  • Tim Miller_19528
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    I just started working with templates and came here to find out the same thing. Where the heck are they? At least I figured that out from this question.