JOOMLA & PIPEDRIVE integration

Hossein Mohsenian_3938
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Dear all,

Please let me know if you have experience of making Pipedrive and Joomla talk? 

@Nirmal  G. @Jennie Lau @Paul @Erhan Ercan @Scott Rich 

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  • Ali Rees
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    I'm guessing no one does? 

    I'm not a fan of Joomla but stuck with it and because we can't style pipedrive webforms now forced to use the API and I've not got a scoobie where to start with that 

  • Hossein Amouzegar
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    I´m a Joomla expert from Hamburg/Germany.

    I need a pipedrive Komponent for Joomla.

  • Terry Harker
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    I am a joomla-experienced web dev and currently looking into that. Have you guys found solutions or are you still hoping for an interface for joomla? There is PHP support, so there is joomla support too, just no one has made an extension so far. 

    I am interested in an exchange about it, and maybe can help if there's demand.