Need feature to make Org & Person Level fields to be required at Stage Level [REQUIRED FIELD]

The new feature "Required Field" is something that I was really looking forward to. I tried setting up this for the Sales Pipeline that we are currently using but one restriction in this feature resulted in me not using this feature at all.

Here's the thing: Most of my crucial fields are at Org Level & Person Level. Now Pipedrive does not allow me to make these fields as required based on which stage is that deal at. But when you mark that field as 'Important' - it allows you to choose at what stage is that field important. Now a few details like which customer segment does deal organization belongs to, what is the designation of the person who is the primary POC etc is available to the sales team only when the deal enters a certain stage.

A feature that will let us choose the at which stage is the fields (org and person-level) required will solve this purpose. We already have that for important fields. Having that for the required field will be very very helpful.

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