Mass email delete / or with a specific reference in the email

Stephan Grimm
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Hi community,

Is there any way to delete all attached emails in pipedrive or even better to delete the emails with a specific wording in the email? I have very old school emails in my pipedrive and I want to share now my account with colleagues.


many thanks



  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can delete it in Gmail and if you have the 2 way sync on, it will delete it in PD as well. 

  • Shivam Singh
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    Well its easily solvable, just extract your deals and use any database like gsheet or airtable, Delete via regex and import them again.
    Just keep in mind to have a deal ID intact

    let's discuss in detail:


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Both above options work. You can also just in the email inbox in Pipedrive use the selector on the right of the emails and hit delete after you've selected all you want to delete.

  • Marija Kairena
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    Hello. I'm not sure this issue was solved. I would similarly like to delete all 4000 or so emails in my Pipedrive account and sync with a different mailbox. Is there a way to select all? I currently only see. away to select 50 at a time ("select all") and to keep scrolling down, but that will take forever.

    Much appreciated.


  • Irina Iglesias
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    Hi @Martin Razuks 

    You can reach out to our support directly explaining your request and we will be glad to help. 


    Thank you.