Team leader needs to see both types of deals (owner/follower) of each of the team member

Hi we are B2B company with quite long sales process and we use regularly more people on the team for one deal. But if the teamleader wants to check the agenda of his team members, he sees by clicking on each of them in sales pipeline only their deals where they are owners. But to get the actual idea of their workload he sees just the half it - because then he needs to go to user profiles to see the following deals. Its right to have owner/follower (owner is the one who made the deal and follower is his/her helper) but if you see as an admin/team leader only owned deals of your team members you see only portion of their workload. Is there any way to add this as a filter or whatever :-). So that the team leader can see all deals each person is working on? Both owning and following? Have a great day. Jakub

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