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Trouble when entering a phone number

Tomas Eroles Forner
edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

Hello all.

I'm deploying a pipedrive for a client and there's one thing I don't understand, let's see if I can explain myself and you can help me.

When creating a new Firm (Empresa in spanish) I need to include, in the first form, the phone number of the linked person, not the phone of the firm, and all phones must be linked always to the person.

We are doing some tests with my client, I can't access her Google Contacts, and she says that if she enters a new firm and puts the phone, it's not updated on Google Contacts.

I'm trying to modify the left panel of the Firm view, but I can't enter a field for the person's form.

Is it like this, that is, to enter the phone number linked to the person, does I have to go always to the person view, os there's a way to enter the phone number for a person on the firm's view?

Thanks in advance