Live Chat Best Practices & Deployment

Mark Gatty Saunt
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This is one for anyone with knowledge and know-how of Pipedrive’s Chatbot and Live Chat features.

We’ve very recently subscribed to the LeadBooster add-on, created and Playbook and deployed the Chatbot on our DISCO website.

We are also keen to utilise Pipedrive’s ‘Live Chat’ feature, to give real-time help to people on our website. 

We understand that you can add a new Live Chat card within the Playbook Editor, to take over any conversation from your chatbot and reply yourself or assign to coworkers.

My question is about where is the best place to add the Live Chat card amongst the various message, question or capture cards.

How does it work? How do you jump into a Chatbot conversation and take over?

And if the Live Chat feature is offered at some point within the automated questions and answers, and nobody is available for live chat, will the  Chatbot continue assisting the website visitor through the journey to the closing message?

Thank you very much in advance to anyone who can assist me.


  • JP_4710
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    Hey Mark,

    We've just deployed the Live Chat feature on our ClearWater Hygiene shop. We used one  of the standard templates that has three options for the visitor. We then amended them to match the journey we wanted the visitor to have.

    We changed the first option to offer a voucher code if the visitor provides their name and email address, this is fully automated and sets the visitor up as a deal (which we like).

    The second option allows the visitor to note that they are just browsing and then closes the conversation.

    The third option has the Live Chat card. We added a question before the live chat card asking for the visitors name. We may add a question asking for email address too once we've tested this setup for a while.

    It also seems to be working well and we are happy that is is helping customers find the right hand sanitiser solutions and increase sales.