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Josh Strange
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Hello ,

I use the dialer/caller daily, and when i am using it I am running into an issue with navigating directories as there are not letters assigned to the numbers feature in the caller. For example, someone would need to pull out cell phone to know that 7 would be for S. .


Thank you in advance.

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  • Vladimir Dubakin
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    Hey, Josh! 

    Thank you for the post! Hope you are doing well.

    Can you please clarify the whole idea behind searching numbers? Caller does not have navigation in itself, so, I was wondering if we can help you find a way to search in Pipedrive?

    1. Which directories are you navigating and how Caller is creating an issue?
    2. Phone numbers (if you are using standard phone fields in Pipedrive) are assigned to your contact people - so, you can access List view, add phone and contact person/deal/organisation names into one line - just like this: https://sharing.pipedrive.com/YpEOwb
    3. What might be the idea behind using numbers equal to letters in phone number - can you advise how that can help?

    Alternatively feel free to reach out to our [email protected] 


    Thank you in advance,

    Kind regards,


  • Josh Strange
    Josh Strange Posts: 2
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    Thank you for responding. 


    Lets say i am calling Pepsi Co for example, i use the caller through pipedrive to dial out to Pepsi.Co. , when Pepsi answers its an automated system that requires me to input a contacts first or last name to search for their extension. I am unable to input the persons last or first name through the caller as there are no letters to know which digits to hit to get the appropriate last or first name inputted. 


    I hope this helps , ultimately , open up your own cellphone and go to where you would be dialing out a new #. Do you notice the numbers have the alphabet on them ?





    @Vladimir Dubakin